The Future of NMSDC

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The Future of NMSDC 


Happy New Year! And Happy 40th Birthday to NMSDC!

For the past four decades, NMSDC has been the leading organization focused on minority supplier development. We have much to celebrate during this milestone year. We will celebrate our corporate members for so fully embracing the value proposition that certified Asian, Black, Hispanic and Native American suppliers strengthen their supply chains. We will also salute the accomplishments of our certified minority suppliers, whose businesses have grown as a result of their partnerships with our corporate members.


We enter the New Year with momentum and enthusiasm. As many of you already know, NMSDC has been engaged in a strategic planning process for the last 10 months. Our work has resulted in a strategic plan that will ensure that we remain at the forefront of minority supplier development.


NMSDC’s strategic plan is based on our core competencies. Through our national network of 37 affiliate regional councils, we certify that businesses are, in fact, minority-owned. We develop those MBEs to ensure that they are capable of meeting the needs of our corporate members. We also provide development opportunities for our corporate members to help them establish and maintain world-class supplier diversity processes. Then, we facilitate connections between the two most important components of the network – our MBEs and our corporate members. Last, but certainly not least, we promote the value of utilizing outstanding minority businesses in the global corporate supply chain.

CERTIFY, DEVELOP, CONNECT and ADVOCATE . Our future success will be guided by our efficient delivery of these key activities using new technology and targeted programming.

Toward that end, we have identified six key target areas that will drive our work going forward.  We are creating teams to assist with the first phase of implementing our strategy.  These teams will focus on the following critical areas:  board engagement; business process standardization; network governance; performance management; targeted services and expanded offerings; and technology modernization. Each team will identify short- and long-term goals, establish high-level objectives, and determine timelines for achievement. We are fortunate that members of our Board’s Executive Committee will lead each team and several Board members will participate on each of these teams. These dedicated individuals, combined with representatives from our MBEs and regional affiliates, will ensure our success.  

The goal is to have a complete implementation plan by May 2012. You will hear more about these teams as we move into our 40th year and beyond.


I am proud of the enduring legacy created by our founders and sustained by our stakeholders over the past 39 years. Much has been accomplished. I am equally excited about what is yet to come. Stay tuned – 2012 promises to be a memorable year.