Presenting Our 2017 50 Best Companies for Diversity

Diversity matters. Studies have confirmed that diverse environments bolster corporations, promoting greater innovation and sharpening competitiveness. In fact, for years, the New York-based Center for Talent Innovation has found that inclusive leadership produces “the diversity dividend” that results in greater market share and a competitive advantage in gaining access to new markets as well as a “speak-up culture” that values and stimulates new ideas.


Even with such undeniable evidence, diversity continues to be one of today’s most challenging organizational issues. According to a recent report on The Top 15 Most Challenging HR Compliance Issues for 2018, a white paper based on a recent study conducted by XpertHR of human resource professionals at more than 1,000 small, medium, and large employers, roughly 25% of respondents conceded that they were “very or extremely challenged by developing a culture of inclusion.” Moreover, 29% and 33%, respectively, cited similar difficulties in “recruiting a more diverse workforce” and “increasing minorities in leadership roles.” Despite these hurdles, the white paper outlined benefits of diverse workplaces such as increasing employee productivity, reducing legal claims, improving internal and public image and branding, and boosting customer loyalty and engagement, to name a few.


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