Success Stories

"Since our first meeting with the Time Warner Supplier Diversity Team in early 2004, they have been an invaluable resource for Eagle Transfer. Their shepherding of Eagle Transfer through the bid process for the move to Columbus Circle was a key to our having been awarded this hi-profile assignment.

The continued support and assistance from the diversity team has allowed Eagle to continue to be a successful partner with Time Warner, having completed numerous additional projects over the last four years. We look forward to continue building this mutually rewarding relationship for years to come."

Smithe Sodine
Eagle Transfer Corporation
Current supplier to Time Warner Inc.

"SEAL is proud of being part of the supplier diversity program at Time Warner. We have enjoyed our partnership with Time Warner and it various business units, in the deployment and support of their SAP Enterprise systems. SEAL continues to deliver on our service excellence to Time Warner and in developing a strategic partnership.

Jointly we strive to support SAP based initiatives that help Time Warner in meeting its business objectives and remaining competitive."

Badal Patel
President and CEO
SEAL Consulting, Inc.
Current Supplier to Warner Bros.

"The Supplier Diversity Program at Time Warner has been an exciting new outlet for our company. The diversity team has brought many new business opportunities.

We have developed wonderful working relationships with new clients and are constantly given more and more opportunity to expand our business.

Through their understanding and dedication to diversity, Time Warner's program has been an invaluable new asset to our business."

Debra Carlino
Creative Solutions
Current Supplier to Time Warner Inc. and Home Box Office

"This past year has been a banner year for Aeronet, and Warner Bros. has contributed significantly to our success. Thanks to Warner Bros.’s commitment to diversity supplier programs, Aeronet has become a critical part of the Warner Home Video supply chain by providing world-class shipping, distribution and logistics services."

Andres Aceves
Aeronet Logistics, Inc.
Current Supplier to Warner Bros.

The Burks Companies, Inc. (TBC) has enjoyed a truly positive business partnership relationship with Turner Properties since 1998, providing cleaning services on a 24 x 7 basis, while supporting various other facilities needs (special event set-ups, data-terminal gear room maintenance, etc.) The support we are given by Turner Properties on a day-to-day basis, specifically Ed Brownlee and Tony Ford, makes this a real partnership that has a positive impact on every one of you."

Frederick E. Burks
The Burks Companies
Current Supplier to Turner Broadcasting System